Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Newness of Life

I'm still a young man and yet I can see the ravages of time creeping forward. Like a tiger stalking its prey occasionally I get glimpses of the beast peaking at me from behind the bushes of life. It's not easy growing older. For many of us it's downright painful. As a result of this we've conjured up all sorts of "remedies" for what ails us and we clamor to prevent the smallest signs of aging. With as much time as we spend staving off the the signs of experience perhaps we are neglecting something even more important.

God calls us to live in newness of life. If we have accepted Christ's death as our own we are also to accept His life as our own. The rejuvenation that comes from being restored to the image of God is truly life changing. The old thoughts and patterns once surrendered to the Lord begin to lose their grip on our lives. The mortar that once held up the walls of resistance begin to crumble and break as new walls are built on immortal foundations.

Outward aging is a travesty and as I have always told myself I will not go gently into that good night: now or ever. But this is not our first priority. Through the death and resurrection of Christ we can be restored inwardly as we wait to be restored outwardly. As we gaze into the mirror that reflects our dissatisfaction we should not forget to behold our Savior so that He can remake our hearts into that of a child: and a beautiful one at that.

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